How To Choose A Photographer

So you need a photographer. You go to your computer and Google to find a local one. Multitude of names comes up. How do you choose?
​It’s not an easy task, so I decided to write this post with the aim of making the process of choosing a photographer more comfortable for you. There are some vital considerations that you should factor into your decision-making process and I’ll go over the most important ones below. So let’s dive in… 
1. Technical proficiency 
One of the most important qualities your photographer should have is a technical proficiency. Equipment along doesn’t make one a better photographer, but just a tool to get the job done. 
Remember to compare the portfolio to lots of other portfolios. A few questions to ask when looking at photos:

  • Are the images sharp or blurry?
  • Is each photo well lit or do they look a bit muddy and dull? Good use of natural lighting? If flash is used does it look obvious, or is it subtle, controlled and enhances the image?
  • Do the colours look right – does white look white and does the face look overly orange or an unnaturally pink?
  • Does the photo look overly processed or is it natural?

2. Photographic style.
Art is very subjective, however there’s a difference between ordinary photograph and the one that moves you. Creativity comes from knowledge, experience and passion - desire to do better and do different. A passionate photographer is constantly learning and mastering their craft, they experiment with light and editing and try new technics. Most important thing to remember here is that photographers have different styles and you need to find one that has the style you prefer. Once again: Remember to compare the portfolio to lots of other portfolios!

3. Find an expert in their field.
The importance of finding a photographer who’s expert in specific genre is of outmost importance. It may not be the wisest decision to hire a wedding photographer to capture your newborn baby and vice versa. You want someone with plenty of experience and who produces consistent results.  So if you’re looking for a headshot photographer - choose someone who is doing it on a regular basis and whose portfolio reflects that.

4. Ask your friends to recommend someone.
Although it’s possible to find a photographer on Google, I do believe you might be a lot happier with someone you can trust, based on the review of someone who had an experience with a certain photographer. 

5. Personality.
Photoshoots can be intimidating to say the least, therefore it’s important that you choose someone you like and get along with well. Your photographer should be able to put you at ease before and during your session. The final results heavily depend on facial expressions and skilled photographer can pull the right one out of you by taking the time with the process, encouraging you and making sure you’re feeling relaxed.

6. Consultation. Make sure to have a consultation before you commit to booking a photographer. It might be a meeting in person, virtually over zoom or just a phone call.  A photographer should fully educate you on their process, prices and answer any questions you might have. Your excitement at the end of this meeting is the best indicator that you found the right fit!

The most important advice I can give is to choose a photographer whose work you LOVE. Put your trust in them to capture you, then relax, enjoy it and let them work their magic. Complete trust between you and your photographer is essential and will result in photos that you will cherish forever. Did I mention? Remember to compare the portfolio to lots of other portfolios. Wink!

Thank you for reading! 
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