Nadezhda Boginya. 


My name is Nadezhda, pronounced "Na-Dež-Da" ~ meaning 'Hope' in Russian.
I immigrated to Canada in early 2007 with just a suitcase, a smile and my good name. I knew I had to adapt to survive, but that wasn’t enough for me. I'm passionate and driven, and I wanted to thrive in my new home.
My art is a reflection of my personal values. I live to empower women and men and give voice to those who struggle. I know what it's like to face self-worth issues due to childhood bullying. Through a personal project in self-portraiture, I learned to turn my insecurities into strengths. This journey helped me appreciate real beauty, which comes from within.
It isn’t lost on me that most of my clients tend to become acquaintances, even friends. My process as an artist is to delve into the subcutaneous, to capture the very essence of a soul in front of me... drawing forth the magic within us all.  When my clients see themselves in a new light, they often say: “I never imagined I would see myself this beautiful!”


I specialize in custom personal portraiture of humans and pets, commercial content, as well as editorial.

108 Ahrens St W
Kitchener, ON N2H 4C3

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